About Nichani Group

Our Founder

Nichani Group of Companies was established in the 1940’s by our founder Mr. Gopilal Nichani in Madras which is now known as Chennai, a metropolitan city in the southern part of India. Initially the Nichani Group was financing traders, merchants and other businesses in the Madras province, which constituted of the present regions of Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu and some parts of Karnataka State.

Nichani Films is a 37 years old and a division of Nichani Group which is a 65 years old business house and business family with interests in various businesses including film financing Production and Distribution, information technology, Fashion Industry, equity holdings in private and public companies, real estate holdings and real estate funding.

The Nichani Group under the banner of Nichani Films has financed over 200 movies predominantly in South Indian languages. Many movies that were financed by the Nichani Family were awarded State Awards and national awards.

Nichani Films and the Nichani Family are members in several Trade bodies including The South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce. The Nichani Family is also known for its philanthropy. A charitable Trust was created in the 1960s by the group which has made contributions towards building hospitals, schools, colleges, meditation centres, libraries etc.,

Partial List of Blockbusters Financed and Distributed by Nichani’s International Films and some of the Posters of the Movies Financed by Nichani’s Internatonal Films.

In early 1950’s the group diversified into financing movie productions and distribution of movies. The group soon became one of the leading financiers of movie producers, distributors for multilingual pictures including Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi and Oriya languages. During the same time the Group continued to invest in real estate, industries, commerce and trading.

The group has modest real estate holdings in several cities in India which have been acquired steadily over the last few decades. The group is now co-promoting a real estate fund.

The group also branched out into Information Technology in the 1990’s. It successfully established and then sold its flagship company Exinom Technologies to NEC Solutions America in 2003.  It has recently formed Axeor Solutions, its second data analytics company formed on Big Data. http://www.axeor.com

In the span of its 65 years of existence, numerous industrial and commercial establishments, start up companies, have been beneficiaries of the financial assistance given by the Nichani Group of Companies.

The Nichani Group has active businesses and investments in the following sectors:

  • Film Financing and Distribution
  • Real Estate Investments and Holdings
  • Real Estate Funding
  • Information Technology
  • Equity Investments and Holdings

In addition the group has its own charitable trust and has contributed towards building hospitals, schools, colleges, libraries.